Mulch is a layer of plant debris and other material that accumulates on top of the soil, usually in chunks, never forming a solid layer. But why, if it appears to be such a simple product, is installing mulch such a recommended practice in modern gardening? That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s article.

What is the purpose of using mulch in residential or commercial gardens?

To quickly answer the question that motivated this article, we must say that the purpose of the mulch is to recreate the conditions that occur in nature. Can you imagine a forest? In it, leaves, and other organic waste fall, piling up on the ground, and that vegetal layer acts as a fertilizer and as protection for trees and plants.

The most common reason for installing mulch in the garden is to protect the roots of plants from external weather. Especially against the cold.

In simple words, we can explain that the presence of this mulch layer on the base of our plants favors maintaining a constant temperature in the soil.

For that reason, also during the summer months, it can be key to prevent evaporation from the soil since it acts as a sunshade.

Uses of mulch in our home or commercial building

Mulch is usually placed in the garden (near bushes, trees, and plants) or the orchard. But it is a technique that is also recommended for the care of ornamental outdoor plants.

What is the ideal time of year to install mulch in the garden?

The most common practice is to do it in autumn, but it is not the only season that can be an ally of this valuable gardening technique.

Advantages of using mulch in the garden

We will say it concretely:

  • Optimize the use of water thanks to its ability to retain soil moisture
  • Avoid soil compaction.
  • Allows more use of rainwater.
  • Prevents the appearance of weeds.
  • Prevents sun exposure on the substrate.
  • It favors the fertility of the soil, especially when we talk about organic mulch.

Now, to take advantage of the benefits of mulch, it is important not only to choose the best product but also to know how to place it properly.

Ideally, place the mulch between 10 and 15 centimeters from the stem of the plant. Why this way? Well, the mulch should never be brought near the base of our plants since, being a decomposing material, it can cause fungi and even rotting of the plant.

If you are determined to benefit the health of your garden and its appearance at any time of the year thanks to the installation of mulch, contact us. We are experts in providing landscaping services in Atlanta and we will be happy to advise you.