When it comes to building a patio, the material can make all the difference.

At Tejada’s Landscaping, we design and build flat stone patios (natural stone) and paver patios. These types of materials also work for retaining walls and other outdoor projects in your property’s landscaping or garden.

The difference is that pavers are man-made paving stones made to imitate the look of natural stone. For that reason, pavers offer a greater uniformity of size, texture, and color.

Including a paver patio in your residential or commercial property is a great idea because it offers advantages such as:

  • High resistance.
  • Durability over time.
  • Easy drive.
  • It can be personalized design, in shapes, dimensions, and colors.
  • It is easy to transport and place.
  • Combine colors and tones of the pavers when installing them.

This material was originally used to pave streets and patios that were heavy traffic routes; now they are also widely implemented for terraces, garages, garden paths, exterior floors in homes, and other complementary spaces; giving an organic and natural perception.

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