Alpharetta is a beautiful Southern city with an exceptional quality of life, making it a great place to live. It is in Fulton County in the US state of Georgia.

It is perfectly positioned between the enchanting and adventurous North Georgia Mountains and the great and international city of Atlanta.

For people who love fun and culture, find in this city an earthly paradise: Alpharetta was named one of the top recreation and parks departments in the country!

Things you can do in Alpharetta

Here, you can do amazing things:

  • To visit attractions like The Velvet Note and MiniMe Factory and more than 750 acres of parkland.
  • Take a stroll on the Big Creek Greenway.
  • Explore Alpharetta City Center.
  • Attend concerts with renowned artists from the region.
  • Dinner in exclusive restaurants, with multicultural cuisine.
  • Go for a run in the morning, surrounded by nature.
  • Be part of a vibrant community of friendly people.

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