Garden Design

Many years ago, we understood that a house requires a garden to become home more easily and that commercial places are more comfortable when they have trees, plants, and flowers to embellish them.

For us, the success of a gardening project lies in the design, involving architecture, agronomy, and ecology criteria, but thinking about the people who will enjoy that green space.

For that reason, since 2015, we have worked with clients throughout Atlanta on garden design with the goal of creating a beautiful landscape environment, taking advantage of:

  • Natural elements such as terrain forms, elevations, or watercourses.
  • Human elements, such as structures, buildings, and households.
  • Abstract elements, such as weather and light conditions.
  • Cultural and social elements.

The combination of all these factors has allowed us to develop creative green spaces that help counteract pollution and provide a better perception of the environment, making people feel safe, welcome, and happy.

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