Landscaping Companies

Tejada’s Landscaping

Tejada’s Landscaping was founded in 2015 in Tucker by Erick Tejada, who had already worked in the landscaping and gardening field for many years.

We are a company that seeks to highlight the beauty of commercial and residential properties through the planning, design, and conservation of gardens and parks, creating safe, comfortable, aesthetic green spaces and opportunities to connect with nature without leaving the city.

12 reasons why hire us for the maintenance of your garden

  • 1. Professionalism, excellence, and continuous improvement.
  • 2. We are guided by the highest quality standards.
  • 3. Within our team of more than 10 employees, we have experts in the different services we offer.
  • 4. We have extensive knowledge about the kind of plants and trees that can be grown in different areas of Atlanta.
  • 5. We always seek the highest customer satisfaction.
  • 6. We guarantee punctuality and commitment.
  • 7. We comply with the strictest security measures for clients and employees when carrying out our work.
  • 8. We have full insurance.
  • 9. We have specialized machinery.
  • 10. We use only fresh, effective, and best-quality materials and supplies.
  • 11. We offer fair prices.
  • 12. Thousands of clients have been satisfied with our advice.