Flat Stone Patios

This kind of landscape solution is an attractive addition to any home, and this is a great idea if you’re considering adding outdoor living space to your backyard.

For the design of a flat stone patio, we at Tejada’s Landscaping take into consideration different factors such as:

  • Uses it will have.
  • Shape and size.
  • Exact location.
  • Terrain characteristics.
  • Link with the environment.

Flagstones are comparable to concrete pavers when it comes to price, but it can offer a more artistic result. Natural stone is dug out of the earth where it formed naturally millions of years ago. From there, the stone is cut into blocks or tiles to use in outdoor projects.

The installation of flat stone patios makes the space stand out, enhancing the outdoor aesthetic, surprising onlookers, and being highly functional. At the same time, it achieves a rustic and cozy look.

Installing flagstone is one of the best ways to convey authenticity in your landscape design by creating a handcrafted feel in your garden that is timeless.

Putting in a new patio at your residential or commercial property is a great investment. Contact us if you want to do it safely and professionally.

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