Artificial grass offers several wonderful benefits for your home. But before mentioning them, we will explain what artificial grass is.

What is artificial grass?

It is a synthetic product that has evolved in recent years, whose base can be made of latex or polyurethane, which makes it ideal for temperate climates. And it is an ideal solution for those who do not have much free time to take care of the garden.

Therefore, if you are thinking of installing artificial grass, today we will finish convincing you.

Advantages of choosing residential solutions of artificial grass

1. Saving time and money

Unlike natural grass, this artificial product significantly reduces the maintenance required to keep your garden looking great.

Artificial grass only needs minimal watering to maintain freshness; it does not need to be cut and does not require any compost or chemicals such as fertilizers.

This means that a considerable saving of water and other resources is generated, an excellent advantage for your budget.

2. Can be installed on any surface

Artificial grass can be installed on soil, concrete, cement, or tile… It is also increasingly common to see it installed on walls or as a decorative element in commercial and public buildings.

In addition, due to its non-slip function and the fact that it is not affected by chlorine, it is perfect to place around a swimming pool, making your patio look more welcoming and hygienic.

Can be installed on any surface

3. Large drainage capacity

Although artificial grass is resistant to inclement weather such as rain, sun, snow, or frost; One of its greatest advantages is also its drainage capacity, avoiding the creation of puddles and reducing humidity in spaces.

4. Designed for the well-being of your family

In recent years, the quality of artificial grass has increased considerably. Before, it was very rough for contact with the skin and could even cause rashes. But these days, some types of artificial grass are soft, making them ideal for children to play outdoors.

In addition, at Tejada’s Landscaping, we have pet-friendly artificial grass because the acidity of its urine does not damage the material and it is very easy to clean if your pet relieves itself on it.

Finally, artificial grass does not cause any health problems, irritations, or allergic reactions of any kind because it does not accumulate bacteria, mites, insects, or worms.

5. A fantastic and “almost” natural finish

Artificial grass can faithfully reproduce the appearance of natural grass, being pleasant to the eye and the touch. In addition, there are different colors (green and brown tones), that look impeccable and realistic.

There are many models of artificial grass on the market and, normally, you are not sure which is the best for your home. To start, you must consider what type of artificial grass base to choose, the height of the fibers, the color, and the texture.

If you want to install artificial grass, better hire professionals who know the subject and provide you with a service appropriate to your needs. Contact us immediately and we will advise you with pleasure.