A garden is a cherry on the cake in constructing our dream house. A beautiful garden is an ideal space to welcome our guests; to rest in the afternoons, read in silence, and connect with the beauty of nature.

For that reason, today we want to share with you 6 recommendations to design the perfect garden.

6 steps to create your dream garden

  1. Start by assessing the location. Analyze your existing garden space. How much space do you have available to create your garden? Are you going to opt for a vertical garden or something more traditional? What main elements do you want to introduce to that garden: a fountain, trees, grass? Do you have enough space for all that? Taking space and location into consideration, make a sketch of the garden you hope to build.
  2. Choose the right grass. Start by deciding whether you will install sod or artificial grass to cover the ground. Each has its advantages.
  3. Native plants. Before you start planting, take into consideration your interests and needs. What kind of plants could you have in your garden and why? Our recommendation is to select simple plants, which grow easily in the area.
  4. Wildlife-friendly Garden. Choose flowering plants to attract wildlife such as bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies. If you have room, consider a small tree with spring flowers, and fall or winter fruits. These types of elements will give life to your garden.
  5. Create a path. You could use mulch, decomposed granite, or stepping stones. The path will create additional interest and will make better use of space, allowing you to enjoy more of every corner of the garden.
  6. Find your own style. Finally, we recommend you make a unique garden, where you can express your personality. Gardening is an art where authenticity and good taste are always essential. You don’t have to follow recipes or formulas; you are not obliged to make a garden like your neighbors. Use the magic of imagination and create something as special as you or your house!

Suppliers, budget, and maintenance for your garden

Of course, you cannot forget three fundamental things:

  • Choose your suppliers of seeds, plants, and grass for the garden well.
  • Make a budget for this project. Quote the different materials and products on sites that have a good reputation, support, and experience in this type of garden.
  • Remember that your garden needs continuous maintenance.

However, as you can see, designing and creating a garden includes many technical aspects, so we recommend that you have professional help from a horticultural expert or landscaper.

At Tejada’s Landscaping we have extensive experience in the design and construction of gardens throughout the state of Atlanta for residential or commercial clients. Contact us for more information and advisory.