Maintaining a beautiful, healthy garden is no easy feat, but it´s certainly worth the time and effort. Having an outdoor area full of natural colors where you can enjoy the peace and balance that good gardening provides is priceless. Although keeping your garden impeccable can be an ongoing responsibility, there are many good tips to make it easier. Here are our top five garden maintenance tips:

Keep weeds out of your garden

Weeds are an insidious threat that is constantly attacking your garden. They steal nutrients, water, and the essence of your decorative foliage. As you see them growing, you must eliminate them by the root since by the time they become evident, they have already wreaked havoc with your plants for several days.

Herbicides can help you combat a weed problem, but you must be careful to choose the specific variety that matches the weed you want to kill without causing damage to the rest of your plants. Staying on top of your residential or commercial landscape maintenance is essential if you live in Lilbum or Atlanta, Georgia.

Right amount and frequent watering

Watering your garden frequently is indispensable, but most homeowners assume that letting a few days go by isn’t overly serious. Tejada’s Landscaping recommends an automated irrigation system to help homeowners:

  • Use a suitable and efficient quantity of water per plant
  • Stay on a regular watering schedule
  • Make special adjustments to the care plan as weather changes

Consider the pruning season

Pruning trees and plants at the right time is essential. Each fruit tree or plant has its own pruning season. The professionals at Tejada’s Landscaping know exactly when to prune and the most efficient techniques for all your shrubs, plants, or trees.

Pest control

Just as important as keeping an eye out for weeds is keeping an eye out for damaging pests. Insecticides and fungicides are vital to protecting or curing your plants and flowers. Be observant and check that your vegetation is healthy before it´s too late to take action.

The Top Five Garden Maintenance Tips

Call in the professionals at Tejada’s Landscaping.

You may not have the time or the knowledge to take the best care of your plants, but the good news is that there are experts in the field. Tejada’s Landscaping takes pride in having the specialized personnel and equipment to provide you with the best service possible.

So don’t worry about needing expensive tools, machinery, or other special materials to care for your plants. Give us a call; we will gladly give your garden the care it deserves.