When a person owns an apartment building or house for rent, the appearance of the property is very important to attract the right tenants and to provide a comprehensive service to those who already live in the building.

Let us remember that, in an apartment building, condominium, or another residential project, green areas are common areas that must be kept in excellent condition.

A person who is looking for the ideal place to live will pay attention to details such as:

  1. Easy access to the main communication routes.
  2. Access to basic services such as water, electricity, internet, and telephony.
  3. Sufficient space and comfort in the house or apartment.
  4. Good condition of the infrastructure (a well-maintained building).
  5. The facade and the presentation of the property.

It is in this last point where, without a doubt, the garden or the landscaping of the building has a considerable influence.

For your garden to become a magnet for potential clients who are willing to rent your property, it is important to follow some basic recommendations.

Tips for maintaining a garden in a rental property

Water the lawn daily. This is important, especially during the summer. It may even be necessary to install an automated and efficient irrigation system.

Do minimal pruning. To eliminate withered flowers, and remove dry branches, among other things, it is necessary to prune from time to time without damaging the growth of plants, trees, and shrubs. And it is also important to remove weeds.

Prevent pests. The heat increases the threat that some pests and insects seek to take over your garden. To avoid living with these undesirable neighbors, it will be necessary to fumigate and apply insecticides, but without burning the plants and considering the hours of use of the space, so as not to inconvenience the tenants.

Plant new plants and bushes. Sometimes a garden that has been unchanged for years needs a new lease of life. As part of the maintenance, it is useful to take advantage of the summer to plant flowering plants, shrubs, and even fruit trees that provide color to the space.

Fertilize the plants. Taking advantage of spring to apply fertilizer to plants can be a great idea. In addition, this action helps prevent the appearance of fungi.

Following these recommendations can help you create a better image of your property and improve the experience of potential tenants.

However, we understand that sometimes one person can’t do it all: he can’t be the building manager, the vendor, and the gardener.

For that reason, at Tejada’s Landscaping, we offer you a professional and personalized service. We have many years of experience in gardening and landscaping in commercial premises, companies, public spaces, and in the care of residential clients.

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